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Enclosures accessories


Accessories for METCASE electronic enclosures and others

View the extensive range of enclosures accessories available for METCASE products. They can also be fitted to other cases.

Front panels – choose from half width (10.5”) and full width (19”) panels in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 6U sizes. They conform to DIN 41494 and IEC297-1 standards. Choose from standard Light Grey (RAL 7035), Black (RAL 9005) or specify custom sizes and colours.

Moulded ABS tilt feet – one of our most popular accessories for portable and desktop instrument enclosures. Push-in, non-slip rubber feet are also available. Choose from standard Light Grey (RAL 7035), Off White (RAL 9002), Black (RAL 9005) or custom colours.

Snap-in polyamide PCB guides – slide multiple PCBs into your enclosures quickly and easily. Watch the short video on our UNIMET-PLUS page for more details. The alternative is to specify our PCB screw pillars and fit the circuit boards directly to your enclosure panels.