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M0000704 PCB Standoffs


PCB Standoffs

PCB fixing standoff which is press fitted to a hole in the panel. The PCB clips onto the standoff.

Hole B in PCB (mm) Lengths (mm) Mounting Hole A (mm)
Ø4 8 Ø5.4
Ø4 10 Ø5.4
Ø4 12 Ø5.4
Ø4 14 Ø5.4
Ø4 16 Ø5.4
Ø4 18 Ø5.4
Ø4 20 Ø5.4
Ø4 22 Ø5.4
Ø4 25 Ø5.4

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REACH compliant
RoHS compliant

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