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Front panel handles, tilt feet and PCB mounting kits

The Accessories page on our METCASE website has always been popular but the last six months have seen a big surge in demand. Views of the Accessories page were up 61 per cent compared with the same six months last year.

Making our COMBIMET rack mount enclosure handles available for retrofitting has undoubtedly raised the profile of our accessories range.

But there’s more to it than that.

What was the accessory with the biggest number of pageviews over the last six months? Something very simple but always in demand – PCB mounting pillars.

These 10 mm pillars (drill hole Ø 3.2 mm) are available in black Nylon and feature a M3 thread at both ends. Specify them in packs of 10 (includes x10 6 mm M3 screws).

Also popular are our Bail Arm/Swivel Carry Handle Bar Kits. Their push button control and 30° indexing enable users to incline desktop instrument enclosures to the perfect viewing angle.

Bail arms are available in GRP or diecast zinc. The side-arms can be specified in standard colours including Off-white (RAL 9002), Grey (RAL 7035), Black (RAL 9005) and Pebble Grey (RAL 7032).

Custom colours are also available and the handle extrusion can be custom cut to your specified length.

Other accessories include:

  • ABS case feet, either with or without tilt legs. They feature non-slip rubber inserts and are available in three standard colours  – Grey (RAL 7035), Off-white (RAL 9002), Black (RAL 9005).
  • Front Panels – 1U to 6U x 19″ and 3U x 10.5″ front panels plus mounting kit and trims.

For more information about accessories for METCASE metal electronics enclosures, download the datasheet and contact the sales team.