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2). Custom PCB Mounting Pillars

You can specify your enclosures with the PCB pillars already in place – saving you installation time. Choose from metric or imperial sizes, typically with M3, M4, M5 or M6 threads.

We can fit push-in threaded studs or studweld on to aluminium panels to ensure a clean finish on the outside of the panel. Find out more about this service here. But as simple and dependable as standard and custom mounting pillars are, they are not a panacea…

PCB mounting pillars are traditionally used for single-board configurations. What if your enclosure must house multiple PCBs? In theory you could drill holes in both the base section and the lid. But do you really want a bunch of Pozi screwheads to be visible on the top section? OK, you could use studwelds inside the top but you get the point. And do you really want to spend time screwing each individual mounting screw into place? Which brings us to the next option…