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3). PCB Guides – For Faster Installation Times

Simply slide your PCBs into place on guide rails. What could be easier?

Mounting multiple PCBs in your enclosure? Simple – just add extra sets of guides. They just snap into place in pre-drilled holes. Two types are available:

  • Clip-in guides for 1.6 mm thick PCBs – available in lengths of 102 mm and 216 mm – to fit our UNIMET-PLUS desktop/portable instrument enclosures
  • New TECHNOMET clip-in guides for 0.5 mm to 2 mm thick PCBs – available in lengths of 102 mm and 140 mm – for our new advanced TECHNOMET desktop/portable instrument enclosures.

And what if you want the best of both worlds? Mounting pillars and guide rails? TECHNOMET features both options as standard. So you’re spoiled for choice!

And best of all, you can request 3D models/drawings for all METCASE enclosures – so you can see precisely how your PCBs will look inside each case.