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MULTIMET - Made to order desktop enclosures with a 19" rack mounting tray
What if you could specify a case that was equally at home in a rack as it was on a desk (or vice versa)?

Now you can…

New MULTIMET Desk/Rack Enclosures

METCASE has developed its made-to-measure MULTIMET desktop cases which have a matching rack tray that allows the cases to be located in a 19" cabinet. It is an elegantly simple solution. The tray bolts into the rack as if it were a set of rack ears.

The MULTIMET enclosures sit on the tray - one, two or more cases can be accommodated depending upon the width of the individual enclosures. Four rubber feet on the underside of the enclosures sit securely in four matching holes in the tray to ensure the enclosure does not slide out of place – but it can be easily removed for inspection and maintenance (or desktop use) when required.

The enclosures are offered as a custom order range, so the customer can specify the exact size of the desktop cases and the matching rack tray. All the necessary holes and cutouts can be included for fitting the customer's PCBs, connectors, displays etc.

METCASE can take the customer's PCB dimensions and create a MULTIMET to suit.

Customising options for the MULTIMET enclosures include:

  • 1U or 2U heights
  • CNC punching to your specifications including holes, cutouts, ventilation etc.
  • equipping with all the necessary fixings and inserts
  • painted and finished in your preferred colours
  • digitally printed with logos, legends and high resolution images
  • fully assembled ready for your components.