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UNIMET-PLUS — Life Before TECHNOMET Instrument Enclosures

Advanced aluminium instrument enclosure…with clip-in guide rails for easy installation of PCBs…stylish diecast bezels front and rear…and a tilt/swivel carry handle that doubles as a deskstand. This enclosure is smart, stylish and very advanced.

But this is not our TECHNOMET flagship instrument enclosure. No – this is UNIMET-PLUS, the aluminium housing that preceded it. And its existence begs a few questions about TECHNOMET:

  • if your range of then 10 (now 11) metal instrument enclosures already includes a model as smart and technically feature-rich as UNIMET-PLUS, why would you need another model?
  • why would you invest years in some particularly vexing design challenges to supersede a model as popular as UNIMET-PLUS?

A few obvious but somewhat simplistic answers spring to mind: “Because we can…because we’re perfectionists…because we love a challenge.”

But there’s much more to the crucial question of – “Why TECHNOMET?” – than that. We wanted to do something that had never been done before. We longed to create a metal instrument enclosure that mirrored the style of moulded plastic housings – a modern, cohesive design with flush-fit bezels.

Yes, we’ve designed enclosures with no visible fixing screws before but new TECHNOMET would be something more, a big evolutionary leap forward…even when compared with our existing models.

TECHNOMET would be the future…