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3. Specifying Bespoke Aluminium Enclosures For Your Electronics

Ask for a custom 19” rack case or instrument enclosure for your electronics and we’ll almost always recommend a customised housing: a solution based on one of our many standard models.

That’s because customised enclosures require less design and machining – giving you production-line-ready housings at a price that’s viable even for low volumes. Most of the time, going customised is quicker, easier and more cost-effective than specifying a fully bespoke enclosure that has to be designed from the ground up.

But bespoke enclosures are not always more expensive than customised cases. They can be more cost-effective – if you opt for the right design.

Update: The TECHNOMET 19” desktop/portable mini-racks mentioned in this post are now available in a 10.5” version for 42HP subracks, chassis and front panels. Find out more here.