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Step 4: Which Standard Model Is Best For My Electronics?

Most designers take the standard/customised enclosure route. Choosing the right model is critical because similar-looking cases can offer very different design advantages. So getting our expert advice pays dividends.

Does your preferred standard model offer all the features you need? Is it available in a wide range of sizes? Can it be manufactured to a custom size in all three dimensions? What are the standard ventilation options? Does the enclosure have earthing studs on every panel or will they need to be added later?
Bezels are a key factor for two reasons:

  • they enhance aesthetics but add cost
  • they are diecast – often limiting the availability of custom sizes.

But enclosures without bezels don’t have to look prosaic. The smart flat front of a bezel-less rack case gives it an unfussy elegance – and offers you a highly customisable enclosure at a very sensible price. Our bestselling COMBIMET rack cases are proof positive. They’re easy to modify, technically advanced and offer a great choice of options – and yet they’re still the most cost-effective 19” enclosures in the METCASE range. Hence their popularity!