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Laboratory instrumentation is almost always highly sensitive: precision accuracy is critical – it is the difference between success and failure. So the enclosures that house these electronic devices must be robust and manufactured to an extremely high quality standard.

The four main threats to laboratory electronics are dust, heat, human error and (ironically) electricity in the form of power surges, faulty wiring, accidental short circuits and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Laboratory instrumentation must be cleaned regularly to avoid dust build up. And not just the outside. Covers must be removed to ensure the interior is thoroughly clean too – so enclosures must offer rapid and easy access to PCBs, chassis and assemblies.

But sheer toughness, dependability and ease of access are not enough. Those electronic instruments (and their enclosures) must also look the part. Laboratory equipment is cutting edge, manufactured in small quantities and is therefore expensive. So the premium enclosure that houses it must reflect that. It must look good – and stay that way, despite all the daily wear and tear of sustained and repeated use in a challenging laboratory environment.

That makes finely finished metal – notably tough but light aluminium – the obvious choice of material for instrumentation enclosures. Here are five of the very best instrument housings that METCASE has to offer…