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METCASE’s Most Advanced Premium Instrumentation Enclosures

METCASE’s flagship and portable instrument enclosures immediately look the part. They are – without any doubt whatsoever – the most advanced and best-looking enclosures that we’ve ever produced. And it didn’t happen by accident.

Take a longer, more detailed look at TECHNOMET and you’ll see that the engineering tolerances are much finer than on other enclosures. That’s because the goal was to create a 21st century aluminium enclosure that looked as good as a moulded plastic housing. Not an easy task when you’re dealing with fabricated aluminium sheet, rather than a free-flowing easy-to-mould thermoplastic.

But years of R&D paid off; the proof is the big demand for TECHNOMET’S bar-raising quality. There are no visible fixing screws (that’s a given) but beyond that is an enclosure with a modern cohesive design that utterly shreds the rule book.

This is an enclosure that offers you the choice of mounting your PCBs on pillars or sliding them in on snap-in PCB guides in three, five, seven or nine positions. That alone is a neat trick – most desktop enclosures offer you the choice of one method or the other (never the twain shall meet). And the rear panel is removable for easy access.

That’s not all though. TECHNOMET has both front and rear bezels for enhanced rigidity, quality and aesthetics. But not just any bezels. Unlike most enclosures’ bezels, these can be offered in custom lengths, widths and heights. That makes it easy and more cost-effective to manufacture bespoke sizes…or to add more standard sizes in years to come.

There are 11 standard sizes (225 x 200 x 75 mm to 350 x 320 x 150 mm). Eight of them offer the option of an indexable tilt/swivel carry handle that doubles as a desk stand – it can be adjusted to create the perfect angle for viewing and operation. Two other sizes have ABS grab handles on the sides. One size (275 x 250 x 150 mm) offers the choice of either. And three sizes can be specified with a sloping front bezel as standard.