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METCASE’s Most Versatile (And Also Most Cost-Effective) 19” Rack Cases

If TECHNOMET has advanced bezels, then COMBIMET – our most popular 19” rack case model – revels in having none at all. That’s one of the big secrets to its success. Like TECHNOMET, it can be offered in custom lengths, widths and depths (and a large range of standard sizes). But the absence of diecast bezels makes it much more cost-effective.

So our leading rack case in terms of versatility and choice of standard options is also our most affordable – all thanks to smart design and efficient manufacturing processes. It’s a great trick if you can pull it off. So we did. And the response has been incredible. COMBIMET has been our bestselling 19” rack case pretty much from the day it was launched.

Choose from six standard heights (1U to 6U), three standard depths (including ‘super-deep’ 24”/609.6 mm for server racks) – or ask us about custom sizes. Every case has removable top, base and rear panels for easy access. COMBIMET can be specified with any combination of vented or unvented top or base panels. Or you could opt for the open-top version for maximum ventilation.