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Advanced tabletop Rack Enclosures (And 10.5” Instrument Enclosures)

All the fine-tolerance design and precision-manufacturing quality of TECHNOMET – but as a 19” rack mount enclosure. This is a tabletop rack capable of housing – as standard – between 3U and 6U of COMBIMET (or any other) 19” rack cases or subracks.

And just like TECHNOMET and COMBIMET, these tabletop racks are easy to manufacture in custom sizes too. So much so that we’ve just added a 10.5” version to the standard range. (Remember how we said just now that simpler customisation leads to more standard sizes? This is proof.)

These half-width instrument enclosures are perfect for 42HP subracks, chassis or front panels. Choose from two heights – 3U or 4U – both of which can be specified either with or without an indexable carry handle for easy portability and convenient operation.