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TECHNOMET 19” and 10.5” have raised the bar significantly for mini-racks and 42/84HP subrack enclosures. These premium housings are based on the design ethos at the heart of our TECHNOMET desktop instrument housings – that fabricated aluminium electronic enclosures should be engineered to finer tolerances. And that the front fixing screws should be concealed behind smart metal trims.

Many (but not all) METCASE enclosures comprise both fabricated sheet metal sections and diecast bezels. These bezels enhance the aesthetics and the rigidity of an enclosure. You’ll find them on our popular INSTRUMET 19” enclosures.

There are bezels too on TECHNOMET 19” but we wanted them to be more advanced, more sophisticated – for two reasons. Firstly, they had to flush-fit into the fabricated aluminium cases for a seamless signature look. Secondly (and equally importantly), the bezel had to be designed in such a way that it would allow greater customisation. More on this crucial distinction later…it’s one of the key technical differences between TECHNOMET 19” and INSTRUMET 19”.