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It’s very easy to specify the ideal aluminium enclosure for your electronics – even if you want something a little more unusual. And far from being costly, a housing that’s a little more rarefied can actually save you money in the long run. But we’ll get to that in due course…

Generally speaking, there are two ways to order a non-standard enclosure from METCASE. The first is to specify an off-the-shelf enclosure  which we can then customise for you. It doesn’t take many subtle tweaks to create a housing that’s unique to your product (even though the enclosure started life as a standard model). This is by far the most popular option because the latest CNC machining and digital printing technology makes modifications so quick and cost-effective – even for low volumes.

Option two is to go for a fully bespoke housing. This usually costs more than the customisation route because it tends to involve more design work. Not always though: a simple bespoke enclosure could prove even more cost-effective than modifying a standard model. Here are some examples of that.

But there is also a third way – a semi-bespoke enclosure. This is very unusual indeed. We don’t get many requests for these (yet) but we suspect that you’ll be intrigued once you’ve discovered the benefits. Here is a rare example of one such ‘hybrid’ enclosure…