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TECHNOMET-CONTROL looks expensive because its diecast front and rear bezels fit flush with the main case body for a smooth appearance; snap-on trims conceal all the assembly screws. But inside is a clever extrusion system that makes the enclosures cost-effective to manufacture in standard and bespoke sizes – and easy to customise to your exact requirements.

That’s just the start though: the assembly extrusions also feature M3 holes and guide rails for holding internal plates. And there are also M3 PCB pillars on the rear panel – so you can choose how best to install your electronics. The base panel on the underside is easily removable for cable entry. This panel – like all the others – is fitted with an M4 threaded pillar for earth connections.

This is the proven TECHNOMET system – based on a successful design ethos that has led to the swift expansion of the range. TECHNOMET-CONTROL follows the success of TECHNOMET and TECHNOMET SL (sloping-front) instrument enclosures, TECHNOMET 19" (84HP) desktop mini-racks and TECHNOMET 10.5" for half-width (42HP) electronics.

This is not without precedent here at METCASE. Making excellence more affordable has also been the hallmark of our COMBIMET 19" rack cases. Yes, they’re our most versatile, customisable rack cases…but their simple design also makes them the most cost-effective in our 19" range. So you get the best of both worlds. This is the thinking that led to the creation of first TECHNOMET and then the other models that share its name.