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Compare METCASE 19” Rack Cases | COMBIMET vs UNIMET

Compare METCASE 19" rack mount cases

COMBIMET 19” and UNIMET 19” are METCASE’S popular aluminium rack cases. Both are tough, resilient and offer advanced technical features.

But which model is best for your electronics application?

Do You Want To Reduce Costs Significantly?

Of course you do. How? The answer lies in this critical question: will your electronics be used only in racks – or on desktops too?

If your application is rack-only then go for COMBIMET. Not only is it our most versatile and advanced 19” rack case, it is also our most cost effective. Why is COMBIMET 19” much more cost effective than UNIMET 19”? The answer is simple…it doesn’t have a front bezel.

UNIMET has a bezel because it offers you and your customers the choice of either rack mounting it (with rack ears) or using it as a desktop or portable enclosure. So whichever version of UNIMET you choose, the front panel is held in place by a diecast aluminium bezel with hidden fixings.

This bezel is more aesthetically pleasing than a front panel held in place by visible screws (the traditional solution for rack-mounted cases). But cases with bezels cost more to manufacture than those without – especially if you have to factor in the additional rack ears. So if you don’t need a bezel on your case, don’t specify one. You will save money.

Will Your Customers Need To Remove The Front Panel When The Enclosure Is In The Rack?

How will you access your PCBs? How quickly will you need to remove the front panel?

COMBIMET – you need to pull the case out of the rack before you can remove the front panel. That is because the front panel doubles as rack fixings (four screws). After that:

  • remove the front panel and distinctive rack handles (six screws)
  • remove the rear panel (six screws)
  • remove the top panel (six screws).

UNIMET 19” – the front panel can be removed while the case is still in the rack. All you need to do is remove the snap-on ABS trims that conceal the four front panel screws and unscrew them.
For greater access you will need to pull the case out of the rack and:

  • remove the front bezel (four screws)
  • remove the rear panel (six screws)
  • remove the U-shaped top and sides (six screws on the underside).

Doing so gives you complete access to your pillar-mounted PCB secured to the base section.

Will You Need A Wide Range Of Enclosure Heights?

COMBIMET offers a much greater choice of heights as standard: 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U as standard – whereas UNIMET 19” is available only in 2U or 3U as standard. What if you need something bigger than 6U? It has to be COMBIMET. Only COMBIMET can be custom-specified in different heights.

But what if you need a case with a bezel (which COMBIMET doesn’t have) in a different height? If it’s 1U then you’re in luck. The METTEC range (which has a bezel) is available in 1U, 2U and 3U as standard.
Need something completely different? We love challenges. Ask us about fully bespoke enclosures – find out more about them here.

Will You Need To Adjust The Enclosure’s Viewing Angle?

This is a desktop scenario so – rather than rack-only COMBIMET – you’re looking at UNIMET which is pre-punched to accept our accessory non-slip tilt feet. For more information about viewing angles, view this blog post >>

Will You Need Ventilated Cases?

UNIMET 19” is not ventilated as standard (although ventilation is available as a custom option). COMBIMET is the smarter choice if you need plenty of airflow for cooling. Both the top and base panels are vented as standard on COMBIMET.

Need huge amounts of ventilation to keep your components cool? Specify the open top version of COMBIMET. Enclosures don’t come any more ventilated than this. It is available in 2U and 3U heights as standard (both 365 mm deep).

View Our 19” Rack Cases Comparison Table

Need more information? Use this table to compare our standard 19” rack case models. You can compare:

  • heights (in U), depths (mm)
  • standard and custom ventilation options
  • removable panel options
  • the availability of custom heights, widths and depths.

Custom cutouts and digital printing are available for all METCASE 19” enclosures.

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