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Electronics Instrument Enclosures In Custom Heights, Widths And Depths

Customisable instrument enclosures

Why Some Enclosures Are More Customisable Than Others?

Customising a standard instrument enclosure is by far the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to get the product housing you want. But some enclosures are more customisable than others. And that matters – because a simple design touch could make all the difference to your finished product.

All six of our desktop instrument enclosure models are available in custom widths. And all but one (sloping fronted UNIDESK) are available in custom depths. But until recently only two were available in custom heights: TECHNOMET and UNICASE.

That has changed. Now two more models – UNIMET and UNIMET-PLUS – are available in custom heights too. That means four of our six instrument enclosure models now offer custom sizes in all three dimensions: TECHNOMET, UNICASE, UNIMET AND UNIMET-PLUS.
So why are some enclosures available in custom heights but others are not? The answer is simple: it’s all about the bezels. The design of a front/rear bezel – or whether it has one at all – dictates how easy it is to manufacture that enclosure in a custom size.

Enclosures front bezels

How Bezels Affect Enclosures’ Custom Size Options

METCASE enclosures are fabricated from sheet aluminium so it is easy to modify the designs. But the bezels are manufactured from diecast metal. That is not so easy to change because it involves new tooling each time a customer specifies a new bespoke bezel size.

Diecast a bezel in one piece and you’re limited to one size: no custom heights, no custom widths. But manufacture the bezel in four pieces – two diecast vertical sections and two extruded horizontal sections and you can now offer the enclosure in non-standard widths.

And now we’ve updated the designs of UNIMET and UNIMET-PLUS to take that process a stage further. Like advanced TECHNOMET, they now have eight-piece bezels – four diecast corners and four extruded profiles that allow for custom heights as well as widths.

Customised UNIMET and UNIMET-PLUS enclosures


UNIMET and UNIMET-PLUS have always been popular desktop and portable instrument enclosures because of their smart design features. Both have optional tilt/swivel carry handles that double as desk stands. These handles adjust incrementally so users can select the perfect angle for viewing an instrument’s display and operating its controls.

Other features common to both models include a removable rear panel that is recessed to protect connectors and switches. Four non-slip rubber feet are included as standard; you can also specify ABS tilt feet (accessory) – a useful option to adjust the viewing angle if you choose not to opt for the carry handle. The standard colour scheme for both models is a combination of light grey (RAL 7035) and window grey (RAL 7040). Both models are available in six sizes. All the enclosures are supplied fully assembled. Front panels are available as an accessory.

So, given all these similarities between the two models, what are the differences? The first and most important is how the PCBs are mounted. UNIMET has mounting holes in the base for PCB pillars; UNIMET-PLUS features four guide rails that enable you to slide circuit boards in and out quickly and easily, speeding up installation times.

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Other Instrument Enclosures Models

TECHNOMET Enclosures


METCASE’s most advanced premium instrumentation enclosures. The modern, cohesive design features flush-fit front and rear bezels, finer engineering tolerances and no visible fixing screws. PCBs can be mounted on pillars or slid in and out on snap-in guides in three, five, seven or nine positions. Sloping front versions are available.

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UNICASE Enclosures


Smart, simple and quick to assemble. Available in 10 standard sizes and in custom heights, widths and depths. The internal chassis is removable for rapid access to the electronics. Recent updates include a new assembly tool (accessory) for fast location of nut holders in the extrusion profiles – making installations even faster.

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MINMET Enclosures


Enclosures for small desktop and portable electronics. Stylish and lightweight. Choose from two front panel recess depths (8 mm or 14 mm). Available in eight standard sizes, plus custom widths and depths.

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UNIDESK enclosuresMounting PCBs in METCASE enclosures


Sloping-front terminal enclosures. Ergonomic aluminium enclosures for desktop and wall-mount electronics. Choose from three standard sizes or specify custom widths. The front panel (accessory) is recessed to accommodate a membrane keypad.

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Specify Customised Instrument Enclosures – Machined, Printed, PCB-Ready

Speed up your production time and improve output by ordering your enclosures fully customised. They can go straight from your goods-in to your production line. In addition to custom sizes and front panels, our customisation services include:

  • CNC punching, folding, milling, drilling and tapping
  • fixings and inserts
  • painting and finishing
  • digital printing of legends, logos and photo-quality graphics.

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