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19” rack mount enclosures with removable front panels

Unimet 19" Enclosures

Stylish rack cases in 2U and 3U sizes.

Most rack cases have fixed front panels. You have to pull them out of the rack if you want to open them up. But METCASE’s UNIMET 19” rack mount enclosures offer a far superior alternative. Simply unscrew four hidden fixing screws and off comes the front panel: giving you instant access to your PCBs.

Still need to pull UNIMET from your rack? Fear not: its unique comfort handles will still be in place. (You didn’t have to remove them to open the front panel.)

And if you do need to open the case completely then just:

  • remove six screws – off comes the rear panel
  • undo 12 more screws – up comes the U-shaped top/sides as one part.

Unlike other aluminium rack cases, UNIMET is built with a front bezel. Not only does this enable easy removal of the front panel but it also enhances the aesthetics. It will set your products apart. No matter what the application – whether it’s networking, communications, industrial computing or sound/studio/AV electronics.

We’re sure you’ll like the look of UNIMET. So confident that we think you’ll want to give it pride of place on desktops too. So we offer tilt feet as accessories.

Like what you see?

Choose from two standard heights (2U and 3U); two standard depths (280mm and 380 mm); one standard colour scheme (light grey RAL 7035/window grey RAL 7040) or a huge range of custom colours. Order UNIMET 19” custom machined to your exact specifications. Perhaps you’d like fixings and inserts too. Or digital printing of legends and logos.

Whichever way you want your UNIMET 19” enclosures, register for 3D drawings/models so you can see how your cases will look with your PCBs and components inside.

Find out how easy and cost effective it is to customise UNIMET 19” (and other METCASE enclosures) – contact our sales team.

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