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Smart ways to specify metal enclosures in custom colours

custom colour enclosures

Have your enclosures supplied in your corporate colours.

Perhaps you want instrument enclosures or 19” rack mount cases in your corporate branding. Maybe you’re simply colour-coding them. Either way, the ever-growing choice of painting and finishing options can seem a little overwhelming at first glance.

Custom (Off The Shelf) v Bespoke Colours

You can specify enclosures in any colour you like. But the smartest way is to pick one from our list of stocked powder paints. Download the stocked powder paints list here >>

These paints are our most popular colours. They’re always in stock. So it’s quicker and more cost effective to specify from this list if you can. Choose from 37 different colour and finish options including carmine red, traffic yellow plus various whites, blacks, greys, blues, greens and silver metallics.

Powder Painting v Wet Painting

Both are tough and chip-resistant but powder paint is the preferred option for these reasons:

  • Finish quality – the coating is thicker. You can choose from smooth, fine and heavy textures. Also, powder paint is less susceptible to cracking under movement.
  • Cost savings – powder is a solid so any over-spray can be reclaimed. Quite simply it’s a better way of painting; the transfer efficiency ratio is higher.
  • Safety/environmental benefits – powder paint contains no solvents or volatile organic compounds. It’s much safer to handle because it’s solid and inert.

Special Finishes For Aluminium, Steel And Plastic

Aluminium parts can be anodised (natural or colour). Other options include:

  • Linishing for a blemish-free finish
  • Interlox 338 conductive/anti-corrosion finish
  • Iridite NCP – an environmentally safe chrome-free passivation treatment designed specifically for aluminium alloys. It’s highly corrosion resistant and able to withstand high temperatures.

Zinc and clear passivate is available for steel panels. And for plastic parts, we recommend nickel-loaded EMC shielding lacquer.

Need more information? Contact our sales engineers for expert advice.

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