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TECHNOMET: How we revolutionised instrument enclosures

Technomet enclosuresTechnomet enclosures

How do you make a folded metal instrument enclosure as ergonomic and as aesthetically pleasing as one that has been diecast or moulded? It’s much tougher than it sounds.

Conventional thinking suggests that you’ll always be constrained by the folds. All those straight lines – resulting in profiles held together by a bezel that sits proud of the main body. But what if you combined folded sheet aluminium with diecast metal components to create a stunning flush-fit enclosure?

What if it were engineered to finer tolerances than normal? With hidden fixing screws. And PCB guide rails as well as mounting pillars – not simply one or the other. What if it could have all these technical features and more? And what if the price could still be comparable with that of a normal instrument enclosure?

It took four years of ‘what ifs’ like this to create METCASE’s new TECHNOMET advanced instrument enclosures. And we think it was time well spent.

New TECHNOMET features a greater blend of metal components to create a more modern, more discrete desktop instrument enclosure – a high quality case that will visually enhance your high end electronics.

TECHNOMET is aimed at the most demanding instrumentation markets – including medical and wellness, where electronics has a tough life in hospitals and surgeries.

Launching a range as important as this means going big from the start.

That’s why TECHNOMET is available:

  • in eight standard sizes
  • with or without side handles
  • with or without a carry handle that doubles as a desk stand
  • with our new universal TECHNOFEET (that include a tilt leg option).

Crucial to TECHNOMET’S design are the snap-on diecast aluminium trims that hide the case and fixing screws at the front (and the case fixings at the rear). We had to design a special jig just to hold these trims during painting.

NEW TECHNOMET features ventilation holes as standard in the base and the removable rear panel. Custom vented (and unvented) versions are also available if you prefer.

Custom Technomet

Customised Technomet Enclosures

All TECHNOMET enclosures are supplied pre-assembled. You can specify them fully customised and ready for your PCBs – with custom front panels machined (and finished) for controls, switches and cable grommets (which we also supply).

Like the look of new TECHNOMET? Contact our sales engineers to find out more.

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