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March 2015

Full colour CMYK printing of legends, logos and photo graphics

OKW’s metal enclosures division METCASE is pioneering the use of digital printing for front panels, rack cases and instrument housings – saving customers time and money.

METCASE’s new state of the art digital technology means legends, logos and complex photo quality graphics can be printed on front panels and enclosures quickly and easily.

METCASE can print in full colour CMYK up to 1,800 x 1,800 dpi on painted or anodised metal surfaces (and plastics) with all different kinds of textures.

Hard UV ink provides excellent scratch resistance and the surfaces are also lacquered for added protection.

Digital printing is significantly faster than traditional silk screen printing and more cost effective because there are no expensive tooling costs – ideal for low volumes.

The process also enables different iterations to be created much more easily – making it much simpler to add barcodes, QR codes.

Printing is carried out on a large A2 flatbed area so multiple panels or cases can be printed at once, speeding up the process still further. The maximum object height is 150 mm.

Customers need only email METCASE a maximum resolution PDF or EPS file – or a DWG/DXF CAD file including the print details. Other formats are also possible.

METCASE offers this service on its own products or free-issued panels and enclosures from the customer.

Customisation of enclosures has been made easier still by the fact that all METCASE rack cases and electronic enclosures are available on the website with 3D drawings.

This enables customers to add their precise specifications and see how their components will look when installed in the finished enclosure.

Other customisation services offered by METCASE include bespoke sizes and colours; internal mounting plates and brackets; CNC milling, drilling, punching and folding; painting and anodising.