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How A Bespoke Enclosure Can Be More Cost-Effective

Just to be clear, opting for a fully bespoke enclosure usually costs more because of all the extra work involved. But not always – so it pays to ask. There are two basic rules that’ll help you to manage costs more effectively:

  • Keep it simple – such as a two-part housing with a U-shaped wraparound top
  • Do not specify bezels.

A U-shaped wraparound top offers many advantages. Not only is it easier to manufacture but it also gives you quick and easy access to your electronics; this speeds up installations and maintenance. U-shaped sections are such a good design solution that we’ve used them in a number of standard models (such as our VERSAMET 19” rack cases). In fact, they work so well that our UNICASE instrument enclosures have two – a U-shaped top and bottom.

But folded aluminium enclosures don’t have to be two-part to be simple. Models such as our bestselling COMBIMET 19” rack cases prove that. What helps to make COMBIMET so customisable and such excellent value is the second rule – do not specify bezels.