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Smooth Top 1U COMBIMET Rack Mount Enclosures

There’s a reason this version of COMBIMET looks even smarter than the others: it has a U-shaped wraparound top. Not only are there no visible top screws, but this design also gives you faster and easier access to your electronics – speeding up maintenance.

So how does this version of COMBIMET compare with our other attractive 1U case VERSAMET?

  • Depth – COMBIMET is deeper, 265 mm or 365 mm (compared with VERSAMET’s 165 mm or 265 mm
  • Ventilation – COMBIMET offers a vented/unvented top and base as standard, VERSAMET is non-vented
  • Colours – both are available in light grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005) as standard
  • Custom sizes – both can be supplied in custom heights, widths and depths (because neither model has diecast bezels)
  • Accessories – both models come with a wide range of standard accessories including PCB mounting kits, panel fixing screws and 19” mounting kits. COMBIMET accessories include mounting plates; VERSAMET accessories include two different types of case feet for desktop use (though these universal feet would also fit COMBIMET too if required).