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10 Years Of COMBIMET: Our Biggest-Ever Range Of 19” Rack Cases

Combiment 19" rack mount enclosures

There’s a reason COMBIMET has grown into our biggest range of 19” rack cases over the last 10 years: it’s so incredibly easy to customise. That has led to more versions becoming available as standard. And it’s all thanks to you…

What started out as a new three-height (1U, 2U, 3U) range of rack cases in 2011 has over the years evolved into a huge choice of options. And what is particularly satisfying is that the growth in the range and the direction of design has been driven by you.

Not just one or two design engineers, buyers or specifiers suggesting a new size or modification (though that’s always welcome…we love feedback, as you can tell) – but large numbers of customers requesting a particular variation. So many that what usually starts as a series of custom orders then often becomes available as standard. This has happened so many times in the history of COMBIMET that it has virtually become the blueprint for this model’s development (with a little help from our R&D engineers).

And that has helped to make COMBIMET our bestselling range of rack mount enclosures for a broad spectrum of applications including networking, communications, industrial computers, sound and studio, laboratory instruments and industrial control.

Let’s look at COMBIMET’s wide choice of variations – all available as standard…

Combimet 19" rack cases range

COMBIMET 1U-6U 19” Rack Cases

Here’s the design ethos behind COMBIMET in a nutshell. It’s the rack case that gives you the best of both worlds: it’s technically advanced, highly versatile and can be specified as a custom size (in all three dimensions)…but it also happens to be our most cost-effective 19” enclosure.

How is that possible? Simple: we used the ‘less is more’ approach. In this instance, the ‘less’ is the absence of front and rear bezels seen on other 19” rack cases (including our own UNIMET 19”  and METTEC 19” enclosures ).

Why does that matter? Diecast aluminium bezels are wonderful: they enhance the aesthetics. But they add extra costs and make cases harder to customise because every new bezel size needs its own tooling.

Instead, by opting for a bezel-less design, we were able to offer a more customisable and highly cost-effective case – and we did so without compromising the look of the enclosure. Indeed, design purists might argue that the flat front of a COMBIMET is less fussy than a rack case with a bezel.

True, a bezel allows you to access the front of a 19” case without having to remove it from the rack. But does that matter when COMBIMET offers such swift access with its removable top, base and rear panels? And those distinctive handles make it so easy to pull COMBIMET from the rack then replace it afterwards.

COMBIMET is now available as standard:

  • in six heights (1U-6U)
  • with vented or unvented top and base panels in any combination
  • in two colours – light grey (RAL 7035) or black (RAL 9005)
  • in a range of depths – 265mm, 365 mm and extra-deep 610 mm (24”) to maximise use of rack space.
1U Combimet 19" smooth top cases

Smooth Top 1U COMBIMET Rack Mount Enclosures

There’s a reason this version of COMBIMET looks even smarter than the others: it has a U-shaped wraparound top. Not only are there no visible top screws, but this design also gives you faster and easier access to your electronics – speeding up maintenance.

So how does this version of COMBIMET compare with our other attractive 1U case VERSAMET?

  • Depth – COMBIMET is deeper, 265 mm or 365 mm (compared with VERSAMET’s 165 mm or 265 mm
  • Ventilation – COMBIMET offers a vented/unvented top and base as standard, VERSAMET is non-vented
  • Colours – both are available in light grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005) as standard
  • Custom sizes – both can be supplied in custom heights, widths and depths (because neither model has diecast bezels)
  • Accessories – both models come with a wide range of standard accessories including PCB mounting kits, panel fixing screws and 19” mounting kits. COMBIMET accessories include mounting plates; VERSAMET accessories include two different types of case feet for desktop use (though these universal feet would also fit COMBIMET too if required).
Combimet 19" Version T

Open COMBIMET T – Maximum Ventilation, Minimum Cost

Standard 19” rack cases don’t come much more ventilated than the T version of COMBIMET.  The top is open, the base is ventilated and the sides taper down from the front to a lower rear panel – all of which ensures plenty of free-flowing air to keep your electronics cool. These cases are available as standard in two heights (2U, 3U), one depth (365 mm) and the usual light grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005).

Fully customised Combimet 19" rack cases

Customising COMBIMET 19” Rack Cases

It’s very easy to specify COMBIMET in the exact size that you require, along with all the CNC machining, fixings/inserts, printing and finishing that you need. You’ll receive fully finished enclosures that are ready for your components – they can go from ‘goods in’ straight to your production lines.

Our website makes ordering easy. You simply click to add our enclosure customising services to your list as if they were products. That includes custom front panels, CNC machining, fixings and inserts, painting and finishing, custom colours and digital printing of logos/legends.

Each aperture shape, each fixing type and each custom colour has its own code. Just click to add it to the list/basket. It’s a simple process that helps you tell us what you need quickly and easily – saving you time.

Some customisation processes come at no extra cost – such as our ‘always in stock’ custom colours. Just choose the one you want and it’ll cost the same as a standard colour.

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All COMBIMET 19” enclosures – whether standard or customised – are supplied fully assembled. Need more information? Contact METCASE.

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