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First impressions matter – which is why TECHNOMET-CONTROL looks significantly smarter and better manufactured than other wall-, arm- and pole-mount enclosures of its size. It has a modern, cohesive design with diecast bezels that fit flush with the main case.

Snap-on trims in the front and rear bezels conceal all the assembly screws, giving a clean and unfussy appearance – and framing the front panel, which is recessed to protect a touch screen and other controls.

TECHNOMET-CONTROL is engineered to finer tolerances than other similar metal enclosures. This is a trait that TECHNOMET-CONTROL shares with the TECHNOMET and TECHNOMET 19” models that preceded it.

And the fact that TECHNOMET-CONTROL shares a common design language with these two other  models offers further aesthetic benefits. It ensures that your wall- and pole-mounted products will match your desktop, portable and 19” rack electronics.