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TECHNOMET enclosures for wekomm instruments


World-class precision technology company wekomm develops and manufactures complex electronic components and instrumentation. It calibrates resistors and measuring instruments to the highest standards.

The German company specified TECHNOMET to house its Environment Monitor which records temperature, humidity, air pressure and more using up to four external sensors. The equipment is “unrivalled in its class”, being able to monitor air pressure fluctuations across heights just 30 cm apart.

Such high quality instrumentation required an elegant enclosure with advanced design features – prompting wekomm’s decision to specify TECHNOMET, METCASE’s premium enclosure for desktop and portable instrumentation.

TECHNOMET enclosures for wekomm instruments


Specifying TECHNOMET with a carry handle enabled wekomm to optimise the ergonomics of its Environment Monitor. This carry handle can be adjusted to offer users the perfect angle for viewing and operating the touch screen. It is available as a standard option for eight sizes of TECHNOMET. Other options include side handles (or none at all).

The Environment Monitor shows just how little customisation work is required to achieve a stunning overall finish that further enhances the quality of wekomm’s instrumentation.

In this instance, no custom colour was required. TECHNOMET’s standard anthracite (RAL 7016) – a discreet dark grey – was exactly right for the Environment Monitor. Anthracite is one of two standard colours available for TECHNOMET. The other is light grey (RAL 7035).

After that, all that was needed was a custom front panel for the touch screen and another at the rear for the interfaces. CNC machining of apertures and the printing of legends and logos are quick and easy because the panels are flat. This simplicity enables the enclosures to be customised in smaller numbers, making it a smart choice for specialist instrumentation.

TECHNOMET enclosures for wekomm instruments


Bolometers use the temperature-dependent electrical resistance of a material to measure radiant heat. Like the Environment Monitor, the BM6010A Bolometer Bridge Unit from wekomm is also housed in a premium TECHNOMET desktop enclosure.

And again, less is more in customisation terms – with wekomm specifying the standard anthracite colour for this unit too. The dark grey gives TECHNOMET an understated elegance that lets the touch screen and the customisation on the front and rear panels create the unique identity for this device.

TECHNOMET cases are supplied with four ABS feet. There are ABS tilt legs at the front for cases without an adjustable carry handle. These modern TECHNOFEET with the round styling are an evolution of the popular CASE FEET, which are more squared.

TECHNOMET enclosures for wekomm instruments


Precision is everything in electronic instrumentation – and that should be reflected in the enclosure as well. The external appearance of the housing should showcase the high quality of the cutting-edge technology inside.

TECHNOMET is a major step forward in the design instrument enclosures. Not just because of the superior technical features that offer electronics designers more options, but also because it is engineered to finer tolerances. The enclosure has a cohesive design with no visible fixing screws. Snap-on trims sit in diecast aluminium bezels that fit flush with the main case body. The result is an exactitude more commonly found in moulded plastic housings.

Significantly, TECHNOMET’s bezels are designed in such a way that they do not impede customisation. This enables us to offer to TECHNOMET in custom heights, widths and depths. The enclosures can be manufactured in low volumes – an important consideration for instrumentation destined for niche applications.

TECHNOMET’s internal chassis is pre-punched for fitting snap-in PCB guides in three, five, seven or nine positions. The base panel is pre-fitted with four M3 PCB mounting pillars, and the rear panel is recessed to protect connectors and switches. It is removable for fast, easy access to the electronics. Both the base and rear panel are ventilated. All panels have M4 threaded pillars for earth connections.

The enclosures are available in 11 sizes from 225 x 200 x 75 mm to 350 x 320 x 150 mm. Most sizes are available with or without ABS side handles or a tilt/swivel carry handle. Three sizes can be specified with a sloping front.

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TECHNOMET’s stylish aesthetics and advanced technical features have resulted in the development of two further premium enclosure models:

  • TECHNOMET 19” – modern desktop mini-racks for 10.5" (42HP) and 19" (84HP) subracks, chassis and front panels.
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  • NEW TECHNOMET-CONTROL – highly versatile VESA-mount enclosures for standard displays, panel PCs, HMIs (Siemens, Beckhoff, B&R and more), and touchscreens of various sizes.
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TECHNOMET enclosures for wekomm instruments


All METCASE enclosures can be supplied fully customised, ready for the installation of your electronics. They can go directly to your production line.

Our in-house customisation services include:

  • bespoke sizes (available in all three dimensions for TECHNOMET, TECHNOMET 19”, TECHNOMET-CONTROL and various other models)
  • custom front panels – the typical minimum order quantity is 10 pieces, based on the size of the panel
  • CNC machining – punching, folding, milling, drilling and tapping
  • fixings and inserts – choose from a wide selection, including threaded inserts and studs
  • custom colours and finishes 
  • photo-quality digital printing of legends, logos and graphics.

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Contact METCASE for specialist advice on specifying the best standard or customised desktop and portable enclosures for your electronic instrumentation.