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Why TECHNOMET 19” rack enclosures are so advanced

Technomet 19" Enclosures

Now it is possible to specify 19” rack enclosures manufactured to finer tolerances for superior technical performance and aesthetics.

TECHNOMET 19" is a major leap forward in desktop rack enclosures for 19” subrack or chassis-based equipment for test and measurement, networking, communications, AV studio systems and laboratory instrumentation.

It is not just a better built 19” enclosure – it embodies a completely new way of approaching the design challenges involved with manufacturing cases from folded aluminium.

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Transforming The Design Of 19” Enclosures

Like all advanced designs, TECHNOMET 19" began with a challenge: how do we create a folded aluminium 19” enclosure that matches the aesthetics of plastic cases?

Not an easy task. Plastic enclosures have the advantage of being moulded which usually means fewer parts. They slot together more easily with no visible overlaps or gaps. That is one of the great benefits of easy-to-work materials such as ABS and ASA – but it is much more difficult to achieve when you’re dealing with sheet aluminium.

Difficult but not impossible, as TECHNOMET 19" now proves…

Modern Flush-fit Aesthetics, Advanced Technical Features

By combining diecast aluminium front and rear bezels with a folded case body and chassis and four snap-on cover trims, we have been able to create a flush-fitting cohesive design with no visible fixing screws.

Diecast bezels are nothing new. Our UNIMET, UNIMET 19” and UNIMET-PLUS benefit from them. What is new with TECHNOMET 19" is the way those bezels have been cast to flush-fit the main folded metal case body.

TECHNOMET 19" is available in three heights (3U, 4U, 6U) plus custom sizes. Technical features include:

  • ventilated base and removable rear panel (supplied)
  • recessed ABS side handles
  • rack brackets for mounting 19” equipment
  • M4 threaded pillars on all panels for earth connections
  • 19” front panels (available as an accessory).
  • TECHNOMET is also available as a range of instrument enclosures with or without a carry handle/bail arm.

Customised TECHNOMET 19" – Ready For Your Equipment

All TECHNOMET 19” enclosures are supplied fully assembled. And unlike some 19” rack enclosures, TECHNOMET 19” can be specified in any custom height, width or depth.

METCASE offers a full CNC machining service: punching, folding, milling , drilling and tapping. We can also fit a large range of fixings, threaded inserts and studs (typically M3, M4, M5, M6) for mounting PCBs, connectors, controls and electronic assemblies. Other options include burst holes with tapped threads, push-in or welded threaded studs.

TECHNOMET 19” can be supplied fully finished (minimum order 10-25 units), depending on your preferred colour. We can match any colour (the most popular choices are always in stock). Download our stocked paints list.

Finishes available include:

  • powder polyester painting
  • wet painting
  • blemish-free linishing and natural/colour anodising of aluminium panels
  • Interlox 338 conductive/anti-corrosion finish
  • Iridite NCP finish
  • full colour CMYK digital printing.

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