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Instrumet 19” enclosures for portable electronics

Instrumet 19" Enclosures

September 2009

Modern enclosures for 3U subracks, chassis and front panels.

METCASE has extended the INSTRUMET 19” case range with new portable models which feature a strong metal tilt and swivel carry handle bar. Typical applications will include mobile test and measurement equipment, data recording systems, medical devices, laboratory systems and much more.

The INSTRUMET 19” instrument enclosures conform to the DIN and IEC standards for full and half width 19” equipment. The cases will accept standard 3U subracks and chassis. The new portable models are available in three standard sizes: 3U x 10.5” x 350 mm, 3U x 19” x 350 mm and 3U x 19” x 450 mm and have a clean and modern appearance with no visible fixing screws on the case panels. The fixings are hidden on the underside of the case.

The robust, but light weight aluminium construction is ideal for portable electronics. Each case consists of two diecast front bezels, a top panel, a base panel and a removable rear panel. The base and rear panels include ventilation slots for cooling. All models feature two internal support rails which ensure easy installation of heavy subracks or chassis.

The carry handle is manufactured from diecast zinc (side arms) and aluminium (handle profile), and has a 30˚ push-button indexing mechanism for tilting the unit on a desk. The case and handle parts are powder painted in a modern colour combination of widow grey, RAL 7040, and light grey, RAL 7035

The front bezel features standard caged nut mounting points for fitting the 19” subracks, chassis or accessory front panel. The mounting points are inset in the bezels to allow the equipment to be recessed, and thus protect the controls from accidental operation.

The aluminium enclosures are supplied fully assembled, and include four moulded non-slip feet. The case body, base panel and rear panel are provided with M4 x 10mm earth studs for electrical continuity. METCASE also offers custom enclosures with machining, silk-screen printing and much more, providing a fully finished housing ready for the electronic components.

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