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M6435355 Technomet R315S


Technomet R315S

Modern and highly attractive instrument enclosure for desktop or portable electronics. Stylish front and rear bezels are fitted to the aluminium case body. Clip-on trims at the front and rear hide the assembly screws and front panel screws, giving a very professional appearance. The pre-assembled internal chassis is supplied with four M3 PCB mounting pillars fitted in the base. The internal chassis can also be fitted with 9 slide-in PCBs using the accessory snap-in guide M6490010 (order 4 guides per PCB).

The case is supplied with a rear panel, two ABS side handles and four ABS feet with tilt legs. Ventilation slots are provided in the base and rear panel. Order front panels separately.


With side handles


Front bezel (x2), top cover, base and chassis assembly, rear panel, front trim (x2), rear trim (x2), trim clips (x8), ABS side handle (x2), ABS feet (x4), ABS tilt legs (x2), M3 x 6 mm (x2), M3 x 8 mm (x8), M4 x 16 mm (x8). Supplied assembled.

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M5600010 PCB/Panel Fixing Screws, M3


PCB/Panel Fixing Screws, M3

Pack of 100 M3 x 6 mm pan head pozi drive screws. Used for fitting PCBs and mounting plates to the threaded standoffs in our standard enclosures: TECHNOMET, MINIMET

Also suitable for use in combination with M5600001 PCB Mounting Kit, to secure PCBs to the plastic mounting pillars. Fixing points are provided in the following enclosures for this kit: COMBIMET 19", VERSAMET 19", UNIMET 19", UNIDESK, UNIMET, UNIMET-PLUS, DATAMET

These screws can also be used to replace the standard slotted case assembly screws supplied with our UNICASE enclosures — if pozi drive screws are preferred.

Additionally, this screw pack may be useful if your enclosure has been customised with M3 threaded inserts and pillars.

Supply 100 M3 x 6 mm pan head fixing screws (pozi drive PZ1).



PCB/Panel Fixing Screws, M3
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Zinc coated
M6400707 Front Panel 315


Front Panel 315 Front panel for Technomet R315S, SL315S and R315H.

Supply Front panel (fixings supplied with the cases).



Front Panel 315
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Matt anodised
M6490010 PCB Guide, 102 mm


PCB Guide, 102 mm Snap-in PCB guide for 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm thick PCBs. See drawing for punching details. Suitable for Technomet R210, R210H, R212, R212H, SL212, R215S, R215H, R310, R310H, R312, R312H, R315S, R315H and SL315S. For Technomet enclosures see ordering details below: 

Technomet Model Guides required per PCB PCB positions in case
R210/R210H 4 5
R212/R212H 4 7
SL212 4 7
R215S/R215H 4 9
R310/R310H 4 5
R312/R312H 4 7
R315S/R315H 4 9
SL315S 4 9

Supply 1 PCB guide



PCB Guide, 102 mm
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PA 6/6 (UL 94 V-0)
Natural finish
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Light grey RAL 7035
REACH compliant
RoHS compliant
350 mm
275 mm
150 mm
PCB length, base
257 mm
PCB width, base
304 mm

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